Today’s Bento

Dscn5330My bento

You know… I’m 37 years old and had never tried a fig!  So I decided it was time to try one.  I liked it! 😀

Clockwise from top: Grapes and pomegranate seeds, cheese, gherkins, Fig, Rolled roast beef and Okra, Celery and olive dip.

MiniObsi’s bento

“Melba Toasts” (mini dry bread) with cream cheese, chickenloaf flowers, Fig and grapes with pomegranate seeds, Celery with salsa, Carrot and capsicum with Okra.


Bento for today


Tomato, Almond and Macadamia nuts, Jelly cup, Cucumber, Grapes and pomegranate seeds with star fruit, Olive dip, Rice paper rolls (tuna, cucumber, carrot, pickled ginger and vermicelli), Rolled egg with furikake.



Cheese stick, rice paper rolls, Rolled chickenloaf and “devon” lunchmeat, “Melba Toasts” with cream cheese, Carrots, Grapes and pomegranate seeds with star fruit.

Bento for today


Bottom tier: Carrot (purple & orange), cucumber, gherkin, olives

Top Tier: Almonds, Macadamia nut, Cabana sausage, “Twiggy Stick” (thin salami), jelly cup, Tomatoes, Okra, Grapes, Pomegranate seeds, Star Fruit.


Dscn5261Mini Obsi

She said the meats looked a bit like tall buildings with the starfruit being the night sky, so I added the “flower garden” and the celery and okra are supposed to also represent stars and a moon in the sky 🙂

Bottom tier: Grapes, Pomegranate seeds, Star Fruit, salsa with a slice of cucumber and okra, Cabana, Twiggy sticks, carrots and cucumber.

Top Tier: Hello panda cookies, jelly cup, cheese stick, cucumber with capsicum centres.

Bento for today



Bottom tier: Tomato filled with olive dip, cheese, Almonds & macadamia, Celery, tomato with olive dip

Top tier: Rolled egg with furikake, Cucumber and carrot flowers, Jelly cup, Grapes and pomegranate seeds with Star fruit, Cabana sausage with Okra and olives.


MiniObsi had much the same.. I needed more space so her fruits were put in the lid section which we normally don’t use for anything.

Bottom tier: Carrot, cucumber, cheese stick, Capsicum

Top Tier: Tomato with olive dip, Cabana sausage and “twiggy stick” (thin salami), Olives and cream cheese cube.

Lid: Grapes, pomegranate seeds with Okra and Star fruit.

Bento Box Review – Character Faces

Bear/Panda Character Boxes


I bought these at the start of last year because I thought they would be cute, we didn’t have much money and we hadn’t bought any new bento stuff for ages.

They are cute but I don’t really like them.  They are cheap, and they look and feel it.  After a couple of uses the painted top has started scratching off in a few places.  The clips that keep the 2 parts together don’t seem very sturdy – but it’s mostly the size and shape that makes this annoying to use.

Because they are almost round, and we don’t have a round bento bag – they only fit in the larger bento bags we have.  They take up more space in the cupboard than the other bento boxes.

The bottom tier is very deep, so there will be more problems with contents rattling around than with a shallower box.  The top tier is very shallow, making what you can put there very limited.  If you were putting a sandwich or rice in the top, and vegies in the bottom, that would work.

I pretty much only use the Panda one now, and it’s our “sushi box” – because I have a Panda shaped soy sauce bottle and a Panda shaped Fuikake bottle (all bought separately) – so together it makes a nice Panda set – the deeper bottom tier works well for the sushi.

(I need to take a photo of the panda sushi set!)

firstdaybento_30-1-15 Dscn2377

Today’s Bento

MiniObsi and my bento for today.

I finally decided to google to find out what those funky star shaped things I see in other people’s bento is.  Okra!  So I went hunting in a greengrocer that stocks all kinds of exotic things and found some – yay!  I also then decided to treat myself and try a Star Fruit for the first time too.

My lunch

Dscn5259(Homemade seafood salad with purple carrot, Mini tomatoes, Okra, Pineapple, Almonds and a macadamia, Cheese, Jelly cup, Gherkins, Grapes, Pomegranate seeds and a slice of Star fruit)

Mini’s Lunch


Mini has pretty much the same, but she prefers cheese stick cheese (mozarella), we don’t do nuts at school in case of allergies, no pomegranate and she has purple carrot instead of gherkins.

Latest bento


Kiwifruit, Broccoli, Almonds, Babybel cheese, Cheddar cheese, Cucumber, Tomatoes, olives, chicken loaf, carrot and peas


Grapes, Strawberry, Gerkin, Olives, Babybel Cheese, Tomatoes, “Seafood salad (crab stick meat, carrot and celery with mayo), cucumber.


Seafood salad with cucumber, Grapes, Strawberries, Olives, Gherkin, Cheese, Jelly cup, Tomatoes and Tamagoyaki

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